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What We Do

Devoted to your overall physical, behavioral, and mental health and wellness.
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We utilize evidence-backed programs and techniques for the overall benefit of our clients, both children and adults with developmental disabilities, including social, communication, and behavioral difficulties. At Intense Behavioral Services, we endeavor to closely coordinate with you and your family member so you can trust that quality care is achieved.

We have well-trained professionals who consistently aim to extend only the topnotch quality of ABA services, recognizing that these evidence-based practices can bring about positive changes in the client’s overall development and communication ability. Our immersive research methods and aptitude for listening ensure a deep understanding of the challenges and context our clients face. This enables us to deliver on their strategic goals, building on the core attributes of our clients.

In addition, our amazing team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Behavior Technicians, and Administrative staff works together to ensure that our clients receive the best treatment we have to offer.

Services Offered

We offer the following services:

In-Home ABA Therapy Services

We offer ABA therapy services which can be delivered in your home and community. Services based on the principles of ABA therapy include initial and ongoing evaluation to establish therapy goals; in-home behavior management consultation; functional behavior assessments; behavior intervention plan development and implementation; and more.

Autism Services

We offer evidence-based, individually designed services that best meet the needs of a person with autism. We strive to deliver the highest standard of service, support, and advocacy to individuals with autism and their families. Autism services may include autism intervention programs, therapeutic program, ABA therapy, parent education, social programs, and more.

Social Skills Group

We offer social skills groups for all ages. We provide our clients with the opportunity to work on developing their social skills with peers. Through our social skills groups, we strive to help our clients develop their confidence, independence, and interest towards other peers.

Consultation Services

We understand that our clients have different needs, circumstances, and treatment goals. For this reason, we provide comprehensive consulting services prior to treatment. Our highly-trained therapist will work closely with you to better understand your treatment goals, address targeted areas of need, and develop treatment programs that best suit your treatment requirements.

Family Training

Our experienced professionals can work with your family. They can help equip parents, siblings, and other caregivers with the right skills and knowledge to appropriately interact with and respond to the needs of your family member with special needs. We are here to show you how you can best support your entire family.

Behavior Reduction Strategies

We utilize a range of behavior reduction strategies to reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors. Some of the behavior reduction strategies that we implement include conflict resolution, neutral redirection, and more. By using different strategies, we strive to improve and/or avoid behavioral issues.


Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder can be challenging since there is no specific medical test that can be used to diagnose it. To make a diagnosis, our skilled therapists look at the child’s development and behavior and they also utilize a range of assessment tools.

Data Collection Methods

To better understand our client’s needs, we employ a variety of data collection methods. Some of the data collection methods we use include behavior documentation, frequency behavior observation, latency recording, on-task behavior documentation, target behavior documentation, intensity-duration documentation, and more.

Supervision on an Ongoing Basis

We have qualified case supervisors who can provide ongoing support and supervision in order to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality of services. Through our ongoing supervision, we make certain that any provided intervention is being consistently provided to our clients at the highest standard.

Records Reviews

Just as with other medical conditions, we understand how important it is to conduct a thorough records’ review when diagnosing and treating autism and related disorders. Our skilled therapists will review any and all data provided in our client’s records so that we can make an accurate diagnosis and develop the most suitable treatment plan possible.

Verbal Behavior Therapy

We offer verbal behavior therapy to help our clients with improving language and communication. It is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Through verbal behavior therapy, we encourage individuals with autism to learn language by linking words with purpose. Individuals learn that words can help them get what they want.

Behavioral Support

We also provide the proper support system based on evidence-based interventions to reduce negative behaviors from clients with developmental disabilities. The overall goal of our behavioral support is to enable the individual and their family to attain the quality of life in their community. With adequate behavioral support, clients can live as independently and positively as possible.

Service Areas

We serve individuals and families throughout New Jersey and NYC.

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